Mind Races-Lux Center for the Arts, Lincoln Ne

Bemis Art Auction- Bemis Center for the Arts, Omaha Ne

Lux Art Auction- Lux Center for the Arts, 

Lincoln Ne

Something is Always Far Away-
(solo show) Gallery 72, Omaha NE
Pathways- 3 person show with Megan McClintic and Nadia Shinkunas, Tugboat Gallery, Lincoln, NE



Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards: Visual Art Nominee Showcase-Gallery 72, Omaha NE

Bemis Art Auction 2017-Bemis Center for the Arts,

Omaha, NE

Invisible Cities-Constellation Studios,

Lincoln, NE


Every Direction is North- Petshop Gallery,                         (solo show)  Omaha, NE

Horizons and Patterns-Gallery 72,                       (solo show) Omaha, NE

Bemis Art Auction 2016- Bemis Center for the Arts,   Omaha NE 

Group Show-Spatvium Gallery, Lincoln, NE





the Enduring Spirit of Labor- Quarter Gallery, University of  Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN


20th Anniversary Exhibition- Gallery 9, Lincoln, NE


Pilger Benefit- Silent Auction, Doc's Place Lincoln, NE






Completed 200 foot mural near Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL


Furniture Music (New Works)- Vintage Ground, Chicago, IL


"My Gun Is Quick" video performance, Carver Bank,  Omaha, NE


Nebraska, Lets Make Some Illinois- Gallery Gallery  Studio Studio, Omaha, NE




Bemis Art Auction 2015 - Bemis Center For the Arts, Omaha, NE


Heroine- University of Iowa-Iowa City, IA


Wish You Were Here-  Lions Nest, Austin, TX


Members Show- Constellation Studios, Lincoln, NE


Northern Spark- video performance, Minneapolis, MN


Figures and Forms- Tugboat Gallery Lincoln, Ne


Nebraska - Prescott Gallery, Lincoln, Ne


Human/Ghost/Mechanical-  Medici Gallery UNL, Lincoln, NE


August Invitational- Gallery 9, Lincoln, Ne








Toward A Union of Artists- Southside Hub of Production, Chicago, IL


Climbing (3 part video)- the Obserbatory, Chicago, IL


Chicago Artist Month- 1040 Gallery, Chicago, IL


A Group Show Of Drawings- Lectric Company,                     San Fransisco, CA





Climbing- (3 part video) SP CE Gallery, Lincoln, NE


Holliday Show- Chicago Print Collaborative, Chicago, IL


Quiet Paintings- Vintage Ground, Chicago, IL


So how've you been?- Tugboat Gallery, Lincoln, NE




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